From 2007 to 2009 Bristol Fawcett supported a Trafficking subgroup which had the following aims:

•    To highlight the links between international poverty and trafficking
•    To analyse the diverse forms of trafficking,
•    To break the link between immigration control and trafficking
•    To highlight national trafficking (within the UK)
•    To highlight the need for a better support network for victims of trafficking
•    Since ECAT was ratified (17/01/08), to encourage Bristol City Council to sign the Council of Europe declaration on the fight against trafficking in human beings. We achieved this aim: details below.

Bristol Fawcett are very pleased that Bristol City Council and the University of the West of England Human Rights Unit have, in partnership with local charities and service providers, formed a network of experts, activists and interested parties whose work will take forward the aims of our original working group.

The Pierian Centre, Saturday 17th January 2009
This half day conference was organised by Bristol Fawcett. It was an opportunity to:
- find out what is known locally about trafficking for sexual exploitation
and how women are involved;
- hear about the work of local and national researchers and activists;
- decide how to support this work.
Full details of the conference have been posted to our website here.  

We also developed a resource sheet with contact details for organisations who can help with issues of forced marriage.  Download it here, or if you can help us to map services by adding any information please contact

Please visit our events page for details of upcoming events concerning human trafficking.

In February 2008 members of the trafficking subgroup, with Bristol Women's Forum, drafted a letter to Bristol City Council's Leader, Chief Executive and Mayor calling for Bristol to sign the declaration.  Bristol became the first city in the UK to sign up to the declaration on 29th April 2008 during a day-long seminar organised by Anti-Slavery.  Members of Bristol Fawcett's anti-trafficking campaign group were present to sign the declaration, and to contribute to the development of Bristol's strategy for combating trafficking.

         Dr Geetanjali Gangoli signs the Declaration for Bristol Fawcett

We ran a successful event, which received coverage from Bristol Evening Post, at the Cube Cinema on 22nd April 2008 to raise funds and awareness about trafficking - click here to download the flyer.  The film Lilya 4-Ever was screened, with an introduction and discussion by Dr Christien Van den Anker and Professor Jane Arthurs of the University of the West of England.  

We have published a short information sheet on Trafficking, available here

In 2006-7 Bristol Fawcett ran an information gathering exercise around issues of trafficking.  Click here for a summary of the results.

To view Bristol University's recent report for the Home Office on forced marriage, click here

In February 2009 the UN published a report on human trafficking based on data gathered from 155 countries.  According to the report, the most common form of trafficking (79%) is for sexual exploitation.  Visit the website here to read more and download the report.

In November 2009 Bristol City Council's Scrutiny Commission on Community Cohesion and Safety held an Inquiry Day on Combating Human Trafficking.  Papers for the inquiry day, 24th November, should be available here.

To view the UK's action plan on trafficking, click here

To find out more about Stop the Traffik's international campaign, click here

View the Events page for details of upcoming events.

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