There are many ways to support the campaign for gender equality, and to keep informed about local issues.  Do something today!

Join the Fawcett Society - There are many local men and women who are members of Fawcett nationally, and who support Fawcett’s work by contributing financially to the organisation. Members also receive regular information about the campaign for gender equality. Join Fawcett - help to make a difference.  Find out more by visiting Fawcett’s website here, or click here to join now!

Join our networks - Follow us on Facebook or Twitter

Are you interested in particular areas of the women’s equality agenda?  Want to be informed of the work that we are doing?  Interested in working with us but unable to get to regular meetings? As well as keeping an eye on our website and our Events page, you can join our Facebook group to keep in touch and to find out about events, activities and consultations that we are involved in. We also have a contacts database which you can join to receive updates from time to time on our activities and campaigns.  We also report regularly on  Twitter.

Become an active member of Bristol Fawcett

Would you like to play an active part in the work that Bristol Fawcett does, coming regularly to meetings?  Can you commit to taking on work and activity to promote gender equality locally? Sign up here to receive details of our next meeting. (If your email package doesn't support this function, click here to download the document)

Click here to request more information about meeting dates & times, or  to receive copies of previous minutes, or to leave a message to talk with us.  Women are welcome to come along to a meeting if they are interested in finding out more.  (If your email package doesn't support this function, please email with details of your request).

Want to be involved in our subgroups on particular campaign issues? click here

Want to meet other feminists, get involved in particular issues, join networks or discussion groups?  Click here to find out more about local organisations.

Find out about our current projects



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