Our projects

We have lobbied and campaigned for:Bonfire

  • Better pension provision for women
  • Better support for women who have been raped and sexually assaulted - including the Sexual Assault Referral Centre and the Rape Crisis Centre for Bristol
  • Improved legislation for gender equality
  • Action on human trafficking
  • Action on licensing legislation
  • Action on gender equality in schools and colleges
  • Improved access for women into public life
    Better provision for women offenders in the criminal justice system

Some of our recent and ongoing work includes:

Women and Sport

In 2013 we created a blog to provide up to date listings of women’s sporting events in Bristol. As of November 2015 it has been archived, however you can still visit the blog here and find out more about women’s sporting clubs see here.

Women, poverty and disproportionate impact of fiscal measures

In 2011 we published a report into the local impact on women of the cuts - Cutting Women Out in Bristol - and we updated the report in 2014.

We hosted a free event on International Women’s Day 2013 called “Confronting Women’s Poverty: Turning Things Around” where we brought together analysis of the causes and consequences of women’s poverty in Bristol, as well as applying ourselves to how we can turn things around in our homes, communities, locally and nationally.

Counting Women In

We take an active interest in the place of women in local political, public and working life. We campaigned to include women on the slate and on the agenda as Bristol elected a new Mayor and a new Police and Crime Commissioner. Download our report from 2012 here:

Lapdancing Clubs

sexual entertainment venueWe supported and lobbied for early adoption of the new reforms to licensing legislation in Bristol. We contributed to consultation on Bristol’s new policy for the licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues.

We campaign to educate people about the problematic aspects of striptease and lapdancing clubs for gender equality.